Miquel Reina - Digital & Motion Design
Miquel Reina, aka Mr. is a Designer, Author & Art Director specialized in web, digital, interactive & motion graphics design. He creates design concepts that visually tell the stories behind his clients’ brands.

Rupi Kaur

When artists work together it’s always a challenge to not step over one another. But when both parties are on the same page, have the same vision, and work together cohesively, the end result is a masterpiece. Thinkingbox worked with Rupi Kaur to produce animated artwork to be used on her American tour. We merged two elements, watercolour and collage, to help bring her poetry and illustrations to life. It was important to us that we did not change Rupi’s work, but instead complimented it. Using After Effects and Keynote we created stylized animations that were colour coded to match the themes of the chapter in her book which goes from darker themes of trauma to more hopeful ones of self-love and acceptance. We created custom transitions within Keynote, giving Rupi the freedom to deviate from her script in the moment without worrying about being tied to the timing of one long video. We combined collage style cut outs of deeply personal family photos along with watercolour elements and her illustrations to create a visual experience that helped tell her stories and awe the audience. The end result was a beautiful 90 minute show that is now being taken across America as Rupi tells her story in 12 major cities.

Rupi Kaur, American Tour


When Poetry & Filmmaking Blends Together

Collaboration is more than just fusing your creative energy with another artist; it's about having the same vibe and cadence. It's about creating a masterpiece. And that's exactly what we did to produce an animated artwork to be used on Ru Kaur’s American tour.
We used After Effects and Keynote to bring her poetry and illustrations to life, blending family photos and watercolor elements to tell a 90-minute visual compelling story.



Rupi Kaur