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Miquel Reina, aka Mr. is a Designer, Author & Art Director specialized in web, digital, interactive & motion graphics design. He creates design concepts that visually tell the stories behind his clients’ brands.


To generate awareness and promote Warner Bros.' eye-opening late summer release, Geostorm, we produced a one-of-a-kind interactive website that enables fans to get behind the lens of a malfunctioning satellite. Enabling users to choose from four different natural disasters, the website provided a chilling perspective of the effects severe weather conditions could have on our planet. Obtaining a user’s real-world coordinates, we were able to pull a 360° view of the user’s intended location from the Google’s Street View Image API. The 360° environment image was treated with a combination of custom-made, post-process effects, particles, and 3D assets to create a series of weather effects contextual to the film. These effects were placed in a WebGL environment that the user could interact with using their mouse or touch controls. Featured on the Discovery Channel’s website, the experience also served as an educational piece, where it was used to increase awareness about the reality of extreme weather conditions in locations around the world. To amplify reach and awareness of the film, a social media component was incorporated into the marketing strategy. A shareable content piece consisting of a pre-rendered video allowed fans to post on Facebook 360° and Twitter. A Snapchat ad was also produced to feature an optimized version of the experience. The digital campaign garnered over a million impressions, with the Snapchat experience itself reaching 787,000 unique views.



When WebGL & Google StreetView Meet Together

Geostorm’s late summer release didn't do anything to stop fans from the chilling effects severe weather conditions could have on our planet. This Warner Bros production made it to our unique interactive website to promote and also enable fans to have a sneak peek at the lens of a malfunctioning satellite and choose from four different natural disasters.
The features of the website include obtaining a user’s 360° view of real-world using Google's Street View Image API and WebGL processing effects to create a series of weather effects the user could interact with. The digital campaign generated over a million impressions and 787,000 unique views.



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