Miquel Reina - Digital & Motion Design
Miquel Reina, aka Mr. is a Designer, Author & Art Director specialized in web, digital, interactive & motion graphics design. He creates design concepts that visually tell the stories behind his clients’ brands.


Wrangler on my Booty + Lil Nas X


“Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X + Wrangler

There are only a very few times a seamless blend of country and hip-hop sound get people all hopped up about a song. We saw that when Old Town Road track dropped. We saw more of that when it smashed records —in the first few weeks it recorded over 140 million streams.

The artist, Lil Nas X, landed a partnership with Wrangler for these lyrics: "I got Wrangler on my booty." The partnership saw the beginning of what is known as a Wrangler + Lil Nas X denim collaboration. This partnership prompted us to build a microsite experience that uses machine learning to identify "Wrangler booty." We teamed up with Wrangler and Mother New York to achieve this. The microsite can scan and detect the logo on a pair of Wrangler jeans using your mobile phone camera. Once identified, you will be redirected to private scenes from the recent music video with the Artist and Billy Ray Cyrus. This proprietary microsite generated a lot of media attention and subsequently saw the successful launch of the clothing line. This ultimately brought about huge traffic and ROI for Wrangler.