Hi! I’m Mr.

Creative, Art Director and Filmmaker

Hi! My name is Miquel Reina, aka Mr. I was born 29 May’s ago in a little village near Barcelona. I always loved to create things so I didn’t hesitate to study a creative career. After finishing a Bachelor of Design, specialization in product design at Elisava 2008 and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours at the University of Southampton 2008, I started to work in product design studios such as Estudio Ferrer, Estudi Ribaudí. Then, using all my 3D knowledge I made my first jump in my career, becoming part of the digital and motion graphics department of the advertising agency Lorem Ipsum. During the next years, I started to mix my skills in video, 3D, digital and graphic design in some adverting spots and digital campaigns. Then, I made my second jump, becoming Digital Art Director at the advertising agency Grey, where I won a Bronze Sun of San Sebastian Festival for the digital campaign “Que limpie Rita”. Then I start moving again, writing and directing my first music videos and winning on 2014, a Tribeca Film Festival award for an interactive video. My love for cinema and directing made me finally leave Grey on 2015 to start a one year Cinematography Master at Escac Cinema School. Then, 2016 arrived, and I directed a personal project called “Presenting Mr. A video where I wanted to express myself and show my love for creativity. The result was a total surprise for me, Fubiz, Motionographer and so many other creative websites highlighted it and made some interesting appreciations! So if you want to take a look to it, just click here and let me know what do you think about it!
P.S. Currently, I’m writing my first novel! ;D


2004: First prize in Architecture of la Salle University.2011: Finalist in Genero.tv contest “Relax my beloved“

2011: Sol de Bronze for advertising campaign “Que Limpie Rita” at the “Festival de San Sebastián”

2011: Finalist in Genero.tv contest “Calling the Maker“.

2011: Finalist in Genero.tv contest “Golden Sun“.

2012: Finalist in Genero.tv contest “Dust Bowl III“

2014: Tribeca Film Festival screening winner, Genero.tv contest “Dead in the water“


2011: Young filmmaker interview for Genero.tv

2012: Computer Arts (205 issue)

2016: Motionographer – February featuring “Presenting Mr.”

2016: Fubiz – February featuring “Presenting Mr.”

2016: Digital Arts – February Issue “A creative explores his indentity